Babble & Hemp

Beautifully tailored men’s hemp shirts. Superior to cotton, as soft as linen.

Whilst travelling around India one university summer, Charlie (the founder) learned how awful growing and processing cotton was for the environment. With one cotton shirt requiring 2,700 litres of water to make and a huge amount of chemicals and pesticides – he couldn’t believe that it continued to be earth’s most popular fabric. 

In Mumbai he then discovered hemp, a formerly beige, rough fabric which had a fascinating history and even better environmental credentials as it grows without needing irrigation, chemicals or pesticides. 

After years of constant refining, hemp is now a beautifully soft, elegant fabric that uses 5x fewer litres of water to make than the same quantity of cotton.

Deciding that hemp provided a solution to the disastrous damage that cotton does to the planet, in his final year at Edinburgh University he set Babble & Hemp up with the mission of raising awareness of this brilliant fabric, reinstating it into our daily lives and hopefully one day replacing cotton as our staple fabric. 

After gaining an initial following at Portobello Road Market, Babble & Hemp’s mission is continuing online with a range of colourful shirts available to order for Christmas.

07758 801151

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