Affordable, luxury thermals/tops and outerwear from Italy, Germany and Denmark

here Style and Exclusivity Combine

Since 2001, when FACETS first opened its doors with a small collection of thermal wool & silk lingerie, the FACETS name has grown into a distinctive brand synonymous with beauty and high quality.

Our store now offers selected ranges from the world-class Italian lingerie labels GhiroDana PisarraMoretta and Oscalito as well as items from Hanro of Switzerland and Mey of Germany.

The result is a fabulous range of the highest quality Italian & International wool and silk thermal lingerie that can be worn either as outerwear or traditionally as underwear along with selected outerwear garments from our range.

Our thermal and traditional lingerie ranges are now supplemented with beautiful silk tops from J&W Paris and stylish outerwear from Buglione of Italy for whom FACETS has been appointed exclusive UK & Ireland Distributor. The range changes seasonally and during Spring and Summer we also have available high quality attractive Cruise Wearfine merino tops, cotton tops and Italian cotton lingerie.

From early days at Country House Fairs and Ladies Lunches the FACETS brand has grown into a popular and successful online retailer delivering elegant & stylish garments for all age groups. Our Customer Service Desk is here to help with your enquiries and we look forward to welcoming you to the growing FACETS family.



07813 296488

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