Fimi Limited

Two girls, one kitchen and a love for beautiful things – that’s how it all started in March 2014

FiMi was born with the idea of creating luxurious, scented, soya wax candles in contemporary, antique and vintage containers.  We have scoured the country to create a bespoke range of unique pieces bringing sophistication, individuality, warmth and relaxation to your home – INSTANT ATMOSPHERE.  

All our candles are hand poured at home in Hertfordshire, using soya wax and natural essence fragrances. Soya wax should melt to the outside of the container, giving an even burn. We strive to find fragrances that exhibit a depth of flavour and offer a choice to suit all palates … floral, citrus or more subtle – this is by no means a finite process.

When your candle has burnt down, you can bring back to us for a refill again and again, making burning your candle an every day pleasure rather than a rare, special treat.

07710 096005

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