Manuka Direct

This story began with weeks of a stubborn sore throat. Fed up and as a last resort I decided to try the much talked about, and often maligned, manuka honey.  Within a few days the sore throat, and most of the honey, had disappeared. I was astonished and delighted.  The more people I talked to the more extraordinary stories I heard – my manuka journey had begun!

In an attempt to hunt down more of this wonder drug I soon began to realise what a minefield that was. The choice was good, bad and very indifferent, overwhelming, expensive  and confusing.

This treasure hunt took me via a string of old friends and bizarre coincidences to Hawke’s Bay, a stunning region on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island and to two extraordinary individuals who I am now proud to call friends.

We covered acres and  acres of glorious rugged landscapes and remote outreaches meeting landowners, beekeepers and tending the hives. I learnt a little of what they know and do and  began to understand just what makes this honey so special and why it is so hard to produce.

I was a convert and Manuka Direct was born! I can truthfully say that it is a genuine privilege to be able to share with you the very best Manuka Honey that money can buy….straight from those kiwi bees to you.

Phone: 07738 468798

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