Pink Rose

PinkRose brings fashion to your wardrobe with fun and funky stretch belts. They are created and designed by Bridget whose love of fashion and simplicity means she likes to take the stress out of outfit choice. By adding a splash of colour through the simple stretch belt any favourite outfits are completely transformed into something new!  

The belts are so versatile. Most widths fit through standard jean and trouser belt loops or can be used alone on dresses and skirts. The buckles lie flat so do not pucker or stick out under tops. They are incredibly comfortable and give you shape whilst allowing for slight expansion! 

Bridget has also added stretch headbands, pretty wristee/hairbands and now, new for 2021, there are braces added to her collection. They carry the same versatility and fashion that her belts add to any outfit.  

The collection is updated regularly to keep it fresh and seasonal. Only a limited supply of colourway is purchased so once it’s gone it’s gone, that’s the beauty… they’re mostly unique.