Racalia Olive Oil

As you might expect from a single estate producer of the finest Sicilian olive oil, standards are uncompromising. The finest olives are used to produce high quality olive oil in a carefully measured blend from native Sicilian Cerasuola, Nocellara and Biancolilla olive trees. The result is an oil which is soft, but decidedly nutty in flavour.

The olive groves are owned and managed directly by the family. Each and every olive is grown on the Racalia estate. No other olives are included in the make up of Racalia Organic Olive Oil.

Picking the olives in October each year is a social event. The present owner and his wife invite their friends and relatives from the UK and elsewhere in Europe to work alongside and learn the traditional ways of harvesting from experienced local Sicilian pickers. Every evening the tons of olives picked during the day are taken to the olive press operated by award winning organic olive oil producers – the Titone family.

Website: www.racalia.com
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