Second Nature Soaps

Second Nature Soaps was an idea over 10 years ago when Juliette Badger (the boss and chief soap maker) found herself at a personal crossroads in her life when she stumbled across the wonders of handmade soap.  She was genuinely excited and couldn’t believe that such a fantastic little product could bring such joy.  It was a life-changing moment for her and to the dismay of her friends and family, that was all that she could talk about (for a good long while anyway)!

Over the coming weeks and months, she threw herself into every aspect of research and development in her attempt to produce her first bar of handmade soap.  Little did she know about all the rules and regulations that lay ahead! There were many trials and tribulations, but over the course of over 12 months, refining her formulations and creating new recipes, she decided to pursue her dream and set up Second Nature Soaps.

For many years, she had been dismayed at the many corporate cosmetic companies, selling mass-produced, poor quality products at hugely inflated prices.  She discovered that many cosmetic companies spent more of their budget on marketing and packaging, than on the actual ingredients that went into their products.  This just didn’t sit well with her, as she thought the quality of the ingredients was ultimately the most important– she is a little old fashioned like that.

She wanted to celebrate the beautiful qualities of handmade soap and to let as many people know that there was a much better alternative to the commercial soap available.

Second Nature Soaps attend many prestigious events throughout the year to include RHS Shows, together with events in London and surrounding counties. We currently supply three National Trust Shops as well as one of the largest stately homes in England.  We supply a growing number of high-end independent bed and breakfast companies with our mini handmade soaps together with an expanding list of forward-thinking companies with corporate gifts for their clients.  Currently, Juliette Badger is training in Aromatherapy Level Four, recognized by the International Federation of Aromatherapists.

Tel: 01279 777682

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