Stoberry Potted Shrimps

Stoberry Potted Shrimp was founded over 15 years ago by husband and wife team John and Barbara Rimmer.

Having grown up with her mother’s secret recipe Barbara had been making it for friends and family for many years, until one day someone suggested she should try and sell them. They started making in their Suffolk kitchen with the shrimps sourced and hand peeled in Kings Lynn. There was a mild panic when having dropped off a sample pot for a wholesaler an initial order was placed for 300 pots and they suddenly realised what pots?!

David and Miranda took over the business earlier this year, however the principles remain the same today. The shrimps are still caught in the shallow waters off the Wash, boiled on board the shrimp boats before being hand peeled in Kings Lynn. This is a slow process, however ensures top quality produce as the distinctive taste is not lost by more commercial methods using machines and water. The secret recipe remains the same too and they are still potted in small batches in our Suffolk kitchen and then frozen to retain freshness and quality.