Whinny Poo

WhinnyPoo Manure Tea is a wonderful nutrient-rich soil conditioner made from 100% natural composted horse manure; a great source of nitrogen and packed full of goodness for your garden and container plants.

WhinnyPoo is the product of our own 4 beautiful family horses: Lulu {White Connemara Cob}, Pippa {Bay Irish Sportshorse}, Ronnie {Piebald Cob} and Woody {Bright bay Anglo Arab} and feed from our own pastures.

Brewed manure tea enriches your soil and adds much needed nutrients to your plants.  WhinnyPoo can be used as an organic alternative to chemical fertilizers and is a more sustainable practice of fertilization.

The process of using manure tea, as fertilizer is considered sustainable because it utilizes a waste product such as the horse manure.

We package each teabag by hand in eco-friendly organic cotton pouches. Each teabag is approx 12cm x 7cm is size.

Website: ​www.whinnypoo.com
Email: team@whinnypoo.com