Panza + Fink

Ever since I was little, I have LOVED making things.. : ) As an adult I worked as an interior designer in London, for  companies including Ann Boyd Design and Argent Design, before freelancing.

As soon as I joined the industry, I was completely intoxicated with all the beautiful fabrics and furniture and itched to use them to their full, creative potential.

I tried to source vibrant, fun products, but found they were usually very poor quality and opted to custom make instead. 

Today Panza + Fink continues this aesthetic, showing that sophisticated design can also be super exciting and original.

I love impactful design and inventive detailing. I especially enjoy working with beautiful, punchy prints and top quality leathers.


Each piece is designed to last and be loved for a lifetime. We do not follow trends. We only use high quality materials and where possible, ethically source.

Everything is made locally. We work mostly with ‘one man bands’, who have been honing their skills for years, ensuring, amongst other things, that the quality of finish is always tip top!