L’ami Jac

L’ami means “The friend” in French, and JAC are the initials of the full name of Jean-Charles Alexandre Christian. L’AMI JAC puts all his efforts to encourage the meeting between the little producers in France who want to develop their sales abroad and the wine amateurs in the UK who are looking for good value wines. You might smile when you read the slogan but this is actually the reflection of the business model “French Quality, Scottish Price”.

L’AMI JAC LTD born in 2014 from the meeting between a French man, Jean-Charles Stiquel and a Scottish man, Ian Irons. Epicurian as well, and amateur of the good wine and good Cognac, he was very quickly seduced by the business model. The adventures started thanks to the Domaine Bayle-Carreau, for 35 years, the grandfather of Jean-Charles used to drink the same table wine. When he passed away, M. Carreau accepted to give L’AMIJAC the exclusivity to the UK market to sell his wines. Thanks to a very good quality price, the wines from the Domaine Bayle-Carreau will seduce you very quickly. All of them have received awards in different wine exhibitions.