Cervidae Designs

I have always had a love of, and fascination for the countryside. After school I went on to study Countryside Management at the Northern School of Game and Wildlife. Deer management and forestry quickly became my favourite subjects and piqued my interest in the majestic and hardy deer and its habitat. On my 3 month work placement I worked on a stalking estate in the Lammermuirs, where I worked with Sika deer and their management in woodland which covered both interests. 

After graduating, I went on to study Product Design at the Cleveland College of Art and Design, where I learnt about designing and building products to specific dimensions and different methods of working with wood and other media. 

I’ve always wanted to be self-employed, to experience all the challenges, and feel the satisfaction of building a successful business by myself. So I decided to find a way of combining my knowledge of Countryside Management and Product Design into a single business making home decor which incorporates antler, horn and wood. As a result – Cervidae Designs was born.