A Feast of Frames

A Feast of Frames was started in our dining room in Clapham in 1994, moved to an ancient farmhouse in Norfolk three years later and still trundles along albeit from its new downsized home.

We are so lucky to have had many loyal customers who have been with us from the start and we are so grateful to them. They realise that photographs just visible on a screen to a few people are not on view the whole time to be enjoyed on a daily basis and most of us still have photos with negatives (remember them?!) sitting in folders just waiting to be displayed and enjoyed.

The personalised hand painted children’s name frames are perfect presents for so many people and of course the self adhesive montage frames are the perfect place to display all those favourite photos and every home should have at least several notice boards to help everyone get organised.

Website: www.afeastofframes.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/afeastofframes/