Morgan’s Butchery

Morgan’s Butchery is a small butchery focussed on its values of local produce, high welfare and high quality. Sourcing many of its meats from local businesses, including a fabulous selection of British Game from Baythorne Hall where the business resides, the team visits local farms regularly to ensure they are happy with how they areContinue reading “Morgan’s Butchery”

Whinny Poo

WhinnyPoo Manure Tea is a wonderful nutrient-rich soil conditioner made from 100% natural composted horse manure; a great source of nitrogen and packed full of goodness for your garden and container plants. WhinnyPoo is the product of our own 4 beautiful family horses: Lulu {White Connemara Cob}, Pippa {Bay Irish Sportshorse}, Ronnie {Piebald Cob} andContinue reading “Whinny Poo”